Racing May 19

THURSDAY, May 19 2016 is Race Night

Please register through our Facebook event if possible, cut-off is 5pm sharp, otherwise you can call/text the hotline 604-309-6421 or register in person.  Registration closes at 6:30pm.

Practice 5:30 pm

Racing 7pm. Half trackers race at the break!

Concession Feature: Beef Dip & a can pop or water. $5

Who will be the Rider of the Week and Junior Announcer this week?  Come Thursday and find out?

HAVEN"T VOLUNTEERED YET?  Action BMX is run by volunteers and we would sure love to see some new faces help out so we don't burn out our regular volunteers.

Monday, May 23rd is a Stat Holiday......we are taking the night off! Therefore, NO PRACTICE or RIDER DEVELOPMENT.  The concession and moto shed will be closed and no gates running but feel free to ride the track on your own anytime!  

Anyone interested in representing Action BMX in the Delta parade on June 19th should talk to Kevin or let us know in the motoshed.